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How often should I get my dog groomed?

Every dog is different; however most long haired breeds are groomed every 6 - 8 weeks. This can vary depending on how well maintained you keep your pet.

We do recommend that every dog is groomed at least 3 times a year.This allows your pet to get a regular brush and keep out all unwanted pests.

Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

Yes, we have a van that has crates in the back of it to keep the dogs separated. This service is free to local areas. There is a small surcharge to other areas. Please contact us for details.

How often should I wash my dog?

If your pet is groomed on a regular basis, then we suggest you leave the washing in the hands of your groomer. However if your pet is dirty and it is necessary to wash him/her at home, we highly recommend that you wash them no more than every 4 weeks as washing too often can eliminate their natural waterproofing agents and oils, and may leave their skin dry and damaged.

How often should I brush my dog?

If you have just got a new puppy regular soft brushing is advised, this will get your new puppy use to the brush and grooming procedure, increasing the bond between you and your pet.

If you have a long haired dog or curly coated dog daily brushing is advised, however twice a week, will keep your pet in good order and prevent any mats from forming. You should use a bristle brush for long coats or a hand glove for a shorter one.

My dog is shedding lots of hair, is this normal?

Your dog loses their hair all year round but shedding occurs in spring and they also gain a heavier coat in autumn.  When there is a big temperature change from day to day shedding also occurs, therefore a professional grooming is recommended at these times.

Do you clean teeth?

Cleaning teeth is a veterinary procedure and most dogs need heavy sedation in order to carry out such a task. We do check all our client's teeth and if they need attention we will inform you.

How do I get rid of fleas?

 f your dog has fleas, they will automatically get a full flea treatment bath and a brush with a flea comb. However that will only treat the fleas on your pet. We would recommend you treat the environment with a household flea spray, wash all bedding at a high temperature and arrange an appointment with your local vet, who will advise you in cases off any future infestation. It is best to have a flea treatment program in place where your dog is treated with a topical solution (frontline, etc.) every three months.

What are dew claws?

A Dew claw is the nail that grows high up on the inside of the paw. They are most commonly found on the front paws but they can also grow on the hind legs. They grow a lot quicker than other nails, as they are not being worn down by walking. Regular attention should be paid to these nails as they can grow into the paw becoming embedded, and may cause your pet a lot of pain and discomfort.

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